Here are some goodies we have created to make your StockTwits experience even better.
Widget, WordPress


Website Widgets

We have created widgets which allows any StockTwits stream into your blogs and websites. Just choose the type for the stream you want and specify a height and width and then just copy and paste the javascript code. That's it, pretty simple.

Customize Your Widget


WordPress Plugins

For you WordPress bloggers we have created a few plugins to better integrate StockTwits into your blogs and blog posts.

The Publish to StockTwits will allow you to publish your blog posts directly to the StockTwits community.

The StockTwits Widget shows the most recent posts from the StockTwits streams. Choose to show your stock messages, just the Ticker stream, or the All stream.

StockTwits Ticker Link changes your standard ticker symbols like $AAPL or $GOOG and will automatically link the ticker to realtime discussions at StockTwits.