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      A community of traders sharing ideas and helping one another earn daily! Join our Stock Alert System
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      Tracey Ryniec Official Account
      Portfolio Manager and Equity Strategist at Zacks Investment Research in Chicago.
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      Loui Kim
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      Martel Prophet
      Investing is beautiful, my post are my opinion & in no way should you follow any body's opinion w/o doing your own research & using your own judgement. Ive been right & wrong. This is life. As long as my rights make me more money than my wrongs lost
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      Trey Brice
      Waiting for my plane to Sint Maarten
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      Plan the trades, trade the plan. Long or short, you can $$$ either side when you know how. Get your attitude right and own YOUR trades. My posts are are for Educational purposes only.
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      The Java Pit Trading Room
      93% of our whispers for 2014-2017 made $$$ by following THE DARK POOL. The stock whisperer is on tour across the US with the Money Show and The traders expo. She teaches while she trades live in her online trading room
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      I established back in 2004. Stop chasing stocks after a mod tells you he just bought. THAT'S NOT TRADING! We call out trade ideas BEFORE we enter them! You will learn to trade properly in our chat room.
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      Paul James
      You wouldn't want to know.
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      Ari H. Wald, CFA, CMT Official Account
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      Darcy Keith Official Account
      Darcy Keith is Investment Editor of Canada's Globe and Mail and has covered financial markets for 23 years. He was previously Yahoo Canada's senior finance editor, Canwest's national biz editor, and a correspondent for Knight-Ridder Financial News.
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      Former NYSE Floor Traders offering Premium REAL TIME trade alerts & technical analysis on equities, made in our own accounts & sent to members in real time "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life"