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    "knife catcher"


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      Ryan Mallory Official Account
      Real-Time Swing Trades, Day-Trades, Technical Analysis in the SharePlanner Splash Zone w/Real-Time Alerts & Chat Room. Author of the The Part-Time Trader
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      Dominant Investors App
      Application Dominant investors analyzes more than 7.500 thousand shares on US stock exchanges from various industry groups and sectors of the economy, and selects the companies with the most powerful fundamental and technical parameters
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      Free stock picks everyday ( Strategy, Entry, Target, Stop ). You are the only one who are responsible for your investment.Trading style based on risk management,technical & fundamental analysis to maximize profits .
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      Isaac Figueroa, CMT, MFin Official Account
      Market Technician, 3 levels of CMT program, Master of Finance: Stocks, Options and Forex. Trades try to beat SPY benchmark \\
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      if you are a scalper, follow me. Because i am the King of Scalpers! All I want in return is you praise me! lots of 'em!
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      Ian McMillan Official Account
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      Edward Gofsky
      Trader in "Cup and Handle" patterns, Fractal movements in markets, Elliott Wave analysis and Financial Planning. Working on future book "Fractal Trading" How to trade repetitive set ups in financial markets. Twitter
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      Doug B
      Special Effects Technician.. Trend lines and volume are key. Support/Resistance for price action.. Candles light the way. The traders I know consider me a trend line specialist. But there's always plenty more to learn and discover.
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      Carol E
      Nothing I post should be taken as investment advice. This is just fiction. Don't take ANYTHING I say seriously. Entertainment only. do your own DD -Cheers
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      Rick Saddler
      Trader, Coach, Instructor. Founder of Hit and Run Candlesticks - Partnered with Right Way Options For questions:
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      Doug Campbell
      27 years trading experience. Full time trader for more than 12 years. Operate the Right Way Options trading service Full-Time trader, teacher and coach.
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      Christopher Brecher Official Account
      ..President and CEO of BrecherTrading...Hyperactive, obsessive,professional trader since 1982. CBOE market maker(IBM PIT)
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      Becky Hiu Official Account
      Fundamental and technical trader. This is the personal Twitter account of Becky Hiu and is not connected in any way to a professional designation or vocation. Opinions are my own. Trade at your own discretion.
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      I am a setup trader! Love the 9/20 ema. Use multiple timeframes for entries and exits. Supply and demand! Trim and Trail! A good daytrade turns into an overnight and then a swing trade! Trade with a plan!Aim Small! Miss small-The Patriot
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      Michael Lamothe Official Account
      Founder of, Co-Organizer of the NYC IBD Meetup Group, I follow the CANSLIM methodology. Take our FREE 7 day email course to improve your trading.
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      Andrew Aziz
      Full time day trader focusing on US equities. Author of the best selling book "How to Day Trade for a Living". I am the founder of an online educational community for developing traders at
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      AlpacaAlerts Official Account
      Find trading opportunities based on historical data. DISCLAIMER: Past performance does not guarantee future results.
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      Sven Carlin
      Ph.D., value/growth investor. Editor of the Global Growth Stocks newsletter and passionate stock market researcher!
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      art pust
      Senior Investment Manager at Branch 22 Capital LLC. Trade mostly S&P500 stocks and ES ,1-5 days average position