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    David Trainer Official Account Joined Feb 07, 2013

    Unparalleled diligence on U.S. equities using tens of thousands of SEC filings. Top stock picks + ETF and mutual fund ratings.


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      Robo Analyst combines machine learning and NLP to do investment research & due diligence that closes the gap between the suitability and fiduciary standards.
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      Robo Analyst
      Robo Analyst combines machine learning and NLP to do investment research & due diligence that closes the gap between the suitability and fiduciary standards.
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      Chris B
      Mainly a swing trader. Don't usually day trade. I trade primarily 3XETF's and will hold them as long as I see a general uptrend. I dont usually trade TZA, FAZ or UVXY, unless its a no brainer. I will go to cash and sit in times of uncertainty.
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      Daniel Crosby
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      james altucher Official Account
      I'm devoted to honesty, as corny as that sounds.
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      Dana Lyons Official Account
      Editor of The Lyons Share l Partner at JLFMI, RIA l Founder of I Original YahooFinance Contributor: l Husband, Father of 3 (3,4,5) Wharton/Penn FB l Posts≠recommendation to buy or sell anything
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      Ken Faulkenberry Official Account
      Founder: Arbor Investment Planner, home of the Dividend Value Builder Newsletter and DVB Portfolios, and Arbor Asset Allocation Model Portfolio (AAAMP). These are my personal portfolios, which I share with Premium Newsletter Members.
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      Brett Steenbarger Official Account
      Trading coach, stock index trader, author, blogger, five kids, six grandkids, and four rescue cats. I have a special interest in the integration of quantitative and discretionary approaches to trading.
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      The Irrelevant Investor Official Account
      Navigating this Hilsenrath driven market one weekly candlestick at a time. Lest anyone think views are shared by my employers, they are not..
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      Michael Kitces
      One nerd's perspective on the financial planning world... Publisher of The Kitces Report and the blog Nerd's Eye View at
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      Ben Carlson Official Account
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      John Melloy
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      Two Margins Official Account
      Two Margins wants to change the way financial information is analyzed. We use the wisdom of the crowd to help users gain financial insight and advantage. Choose a document and add an annotation to join the conversation. Twitter: @twomargins
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      Profit Taker
      Sticking to the script
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      Antonio Costa Official Account
      I am a 43 year old private trader using propriety technical analysis with more than 18 years experience of investing in the US stock markets.
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      Jimmy Waugh
      10+ yrs in investment banking Held series 4,7,9,10,24,and 63 licenses
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      Patrick Haughey
      Patrick Haughey is a Professor of Architecture History with a PHD from MIT. He teaches Building Cultures, Economics (real not ideal), and Global History. His research focuses on global trends, urbanization, and the resource economy.
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      Entrepreneur | Science | Tech | Global macro | The universe! All opinions are my own.