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    Kyle Joined Oct 27, 2011

    28 / NYC based Investment Analyst. Follow and invest in a small universe of fundamentally strong, high quality, growth & value companies. Focus on "Margin of Safety", valuation, MOATS & timeless household BRAND names. Long Term Outlook (5-10 years).


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      Chris Khoury
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      brad cole
      BS - Mechanical Engineering MS - Investment Management Long-term investor, Fundamental Analysis, Options novice
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      Danny Jassy, CFA Official Account
      Owner SCMR™ Trends Price Action Software ➦ Better Info Gives You Better Results ➦ Your Best Ideas, Our Best Execution
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      All In Capital
      handle derived from the biggest trade I went into, all in on one ticker. my money my trades and definitely not yours.
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      Edward Rooster Official Account
      Trading Price Is Our Business
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      Michael Bozzello Official Account
      Community Manager @ StockTwits. Lover of all things markets especially the sharing of ideas/experiences between traders. I'm here to help, just reach out! Price Action/Swing Trading style.
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      leel railz
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      11ChartsReport Official Account
      Former William J. O'Neil portfolio manager and hedge fund manager, Ross Haber, provides actionable stock ideas and setups --
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      The stock market is a cesspool of horrible businesses. Scarcely 1 in a 1000 is worth examining closely. Go long MOATS. I don't like options, debt, leverage, or shorting. Go read Pat Dorsey, Bruce Greenwald, and Michael Porter. THE BIG 3
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      Sheldon McIntyre Official Account
      Expat Canadian - Permanent Resident of Chile
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      Vitaly B.
      Love investing & occasional swing-trading. Core LT holdings: (GILD, GE, AAPL).
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      Leo Kolivakis
      I am an independent senior pension and investment analyst with years of experience working on the buy and sell-side. Mostly swing trade, love taking a few concentrated bets at the right time and can hold positions for a long time if I have conviction
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      Growth Stocks at Value Prices
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      Mario Maria Mario
      I like anticipating the trend. My investment metric is V@R. Due diligence and preparation + instinct and improvisation. I love listening to others' ideas
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      Humbled Capitalist
      Just a man without a face... My banter is of my own murky theorems & do not reflect investment advice, nor the opinions of my oppressor.
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      John Moschella CFA, CPA Official Account
      After spending more than a decade analyzing companies in various capacities at UBS, GE Capital, and PwC, I have decided to venture off on my own. I now own a capital planning consulting firm, and run a financial modeling website
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      Bobby Spencer
      I am a cautiously aggressive investor. I like to buy broken stocks for value but not broken companies. I also like to buy young companies that I believe have tremendous growth potential. Patience is going to work over 75% of the time.
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      HedgeMind Official Account
      HedgeMind is a Place for Investors and Traders to Learn, Leverage, and Profit from Stock Picks of the Wall Street's Best Minds.