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    Johnny G Joined Apr 26, 2012


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      Follow along as I attempt to build a $100,000 portfolio starting with $1500. Current Balance: $3,319.24 (+20.79%). Start: 9/14/17. Deposits: $1,000. Join our discord and learn with us! We will be the biggest and best community out there!
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      Killer Calls (See Below)
      Recent calls: RTNB 538% AUPH +490% RLOG 300% ATOS 273%, CIDM 220% NETE 266% EVOK 112% $INPX 150% RPRX 150% MTBC 189% LINU 168% INFI 250% Click link below to join me in chatroom listed below where I first post these (FREE trial till 9/25)!
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      Mike Harwell
      M.S.L., Position, long, and swing trader. Mostly Biotechs, Metals, Energy, Twitter: @gsameee
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      If you see it in my Watchlist I own it.
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      Fritz Kühler
      Catcher of falling knives. Seller of hype. El primo de los matadors. The master of the metaphor. A chaw chewing troubadour. The one you've come to love and adore.
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      Top Stock Alerts
      Owner of Top Stock Alerts. A trading community for beginners and experienced traders. Join the team today! To receive invitation for Stock Alert System email us at:
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      The 2 MOST important rules: 1. Have a good ENTRY be patient 2. Protect your PROFITS you can always get back in.
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      zQuant Official Account
      Day/swing trading strategy combines 28 algorithms and targets 300% in annual return. Algo returned 242% in 10 months. Sign-up for our daily trades at Please follow us that we can communicate via PMs.
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      Buy the FUD dips and crashes, HODL, then sell the spikes and keep half for longterm wealth. Intermediate trader - biotech, china plays, crypto etc.
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      Ryan Davidson
      I seek opportunities here in WS as passive income. Plays involve both short and long positions. Don't do price targets. Trades are based on momentum, technicals, and historical price action. Started in 2012 and still learning. Thanks for the follow!
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      Jake Wujastyk
      Charts, videos, and positions all updated on my subscription in the link below. 13 years trader. Chart technician. Entrepreneur. Be humble. Detailed Chart Requests: $35. Subscription: $45/month and $400/Annual.
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      I am just here to make $. I am investor, not advisor so my advice and opinion should not be used to make investment decisions. But again if advisors would know what they are doing they would be investors.
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      Howard Lindzon Official Account
      Co-Founder and Chairman of Stocktwits, Founder of Wallstrip (Acquired by CBS); Managing Member of Social Leverage (an early stage fund) ...I have lots of ideas. Toronto boy.
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      Rob Rivera
      Do u want short term-high % swing alerts? Do u want day trade alerts that can make u 5-100%+ daily w/ 85% accuracy? Swings 90% of the time hit PT in < 1WK. See details 2 join->> discord room click the sign up link below! 👇
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      Day/swing trader. Posts are not recommendations. Please do your own analysis and be responsible for your own trades. Mark 8:36
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      Trader Stewie 18 years trading experience. Keep it simple. Price and volume is all you need. Everything else is just noise.
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      Antonio Costa Official Account
      I am a 43 year old private trader using propriety technical analysis with more than 18 years experience of investing in the US stock markets.
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      Entrepreneur. Investor. Advisor. Aspiring Philanthropist. Financial Fitness and Investment Coach. Follow me on: Support @moniology on @patreon. #OnPatreon
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      Duc Long Official Account
      Manage a crypto currency hedge fund for my family. Not a pumper.