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    Coronado Biosciences IR Joined Dec 20, 2011

    Coronado is a biopharmaceutical company focused on novel immunotherapy agents for cancer and inflammatory diseases.


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      I am an adrenaline junkie who has combined love of technology, research and data analysis into a new passion for investing in the stock market. Position trader. I follow both fundamentals and technicals to make informed investment decisions.
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      Michael Arold
      Over 20 years of investing experience. Short-term trading US equities since 2007. model manager. Since 2014: running A2M Capital, LLC (SEC registered investment adviser)
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      Chump don't want no help, chump don't get no help.
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      George Acs
      Lapsed Pediatric Dentist happily trading & earning. Author of Option to Profit, previously blogged at now morphed into subscription site Every Tweet is for the sole purpose of making money. Ass or grass, everyone pays
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      Randy Redman
      Trade mostly options for the leverage and strategies that can be employed. Grew up in MN and then enlisted in the Marines and served 4 years. Lived in Charleston, SC then moved to PA for a job and developed an interest in the markets.
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      Eric Savitz
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      Myke Smith
      ES trader (day), audio mix engineer (night). Lover of chips / salsa. Primarily ES. Long or short, all trends end eventually.
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      mario rodrigues
      Small Business Entrepenuer in the food business while developing my skills to trade fulltime for myself & handle a few other peoples accounts. Wanting to get into Futures especially for short term trades
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      jacob roche
      I work with equities and equity options, and focus mainly on beginners' education
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      Self taught. Long & short. 4 years experience. I trade futures, options, ETFs and stocks.
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      Inelegant Investor
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      Chris Corriveau
      Less of a trader and more of a developer and creator of StockTwits.
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      Tim Kosen
      Technical forex trader and recovering real estate investor here to share thoughts and insight on the market.
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      Ben Weiss
      Director, Office of the Chairman @ Opera Solutions Previously at StockTwits, Greylock, MMG
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      Bill Luby
      A private investor, with a focus on volatility, market sentiment, technical analysis, and ETFs. I author the VIX and More blog, a newsletter, and am one the founders of Expiring Monthly: The Options Traders Journal.
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      Old Turkey
      Read the Reminiscences of a Stock Operator before talking to me. My twits are my and my dog (RIP Nov. 2015) opinions, not advice. I am often wrong and I love it. PS: I DO NOT short single stocks and I do not answer 3x ETFs questions.
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      Lance Fiasconaro
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      The Greek Tycoon
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      Techno-Fundamentalist, 20 yrs exp. Use Fundamentals to determine what to buy & a modified Darvas Box technique for when to buy (based on the book by Nicolas Darvas). Rule #1: don't lose money. God bless America
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      David Merkel Official Account
      David J. Merkel, CFA is Principal of the equity asset management firm Aleph Investments, LLC, and writes The Aleph Blog.