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    Don't get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water. Be water, my friend.


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      deen s
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      Chantale Belle
      Hello, I am one of the mods of a chat-room known as Enhanced Investor. I have been trading for about 2 years now! My page will consist of Alerts, Watch-lists, and Recaps! Feel free to come join our 4 week trial using the Web Site Link. :D
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      A team of professionals, #Daytrading and #SwingTrading. We also teach our members and 1 on 1 mentoring students how to trade. There is nothing like 1 on 1 mentoring, where you are not afraid to ask a question and you get all of the attention.
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      90% of traders fail, WE are the others. The most affordable chatroom, alerts, live custom scanners, watchlists, morning newsletters, video lessons, etc... join us! Free week trial below!
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      Low Key Professional trader But I will be happy to share all my ideas here. Rule#1 (Buy Low Sell High) Rule#2 (Be Patient) Rule#3 (Stop Complaining)
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      Clark Joseph Kent
      The trend is your friend. Minimize your losses. Let your winners run. Let's make some $.
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      Darren Grimsbee
      Flips and long term investor....get in before they run
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      Daniel Ward Official Account
      Healthcare investing junkie with experience as prop trader on the Street as well as working in asset management. Specialize in value small cap biotechs. CFA candidate. Personal opinions, not investment advice.
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      Take charge of your trading! Join our FREE chatroom where we offer FREE education and make swing/day trading calls. FOLLOW US:
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      #bloomcapital: Think as market makers and trade as institutions; timing and execution is everything both in trading and in life.
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      jack sparo
      Money maker 1 st stocks expert since 2008 .self trader .in god we believe and trust .
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      Salman Aziz
      I scan for stocks that are on the verge of a breakout. My objective is to achieve 8 to 10% gains per stock in 5 days or less. Follow me at #wetryharder
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      Timothy Turenne
      Began working in financial industry in 1994. Added technical trading in 2002. Trading trends and swings full time. Primarily Canadian TSX composite stocks and select ETFs and commenting occasionally on US listings
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      Trend Trading
      Professional Trend Trader, Trend Trading System Developer, MBA -- Goal: Small Losses and Big Gains
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      Joel & Ryne
      Trade alongside of us free for 30 days and unlock your true potential! ||......Founders of - The Investment Community......|| Find Us Below ⤵️
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      WinningTrades4U Official Account. Founder and Lead Operator of WT4U Online. Secure your 7-Day Risk Free Trial today within the leading online trader-geared community today! Follow @AlphaAnalyst for stock alerts. The fun is w/in WT4U
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      Turned $4000 into $65,000 since 2009, current portfolio running strictly on profits. Had my wins and losses but more of the former by diversification, patience & doing my own research. Market is owned by market movers, follow the trend.
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      41 year old Banker and Biotech investor. Disclosure: 2015- Present turned $114k into over $1.2M in 4 accounts I manage. Look for biotech stocks that can give a 50-100% return. Rule #1: Stay humble when you win!
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      Owner of BullTradeFinder. What I say here is my own opinion and not an investment suggestion, endorsement or recommendation. I trade off financials and solely my strategy is Support & Accumulation. DO DD MY FRIENDS! #StayGreen
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      I buy n low and sell 2 the chasers #SwingTrader #NewWeedOrder ✨🔮✨ Email for Swing Alerts