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Added: September, 20, 2012

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Subscribers to Dragonfly Capital Views for Equity and Options Traders will gain access to in depth expert technical analysis of markets and trends with a focus on the major trends and influencers.

    What You Get With Dragonfly Capital Views

  • - Exclusive Insight and Trade Ideas for Equity & Options Traders.
  • - Premium Trade Ideas chosen for their potential to return over 5% in a short time frame with triggers, targets and tactics as to how to best play them.
  • - In depth Weekly expert Technical Analysis from a CMT with 25 years of market experience of the trend and its influencers provided on mulitple time frames.
  • - Daily market recap including warranted trading strategy revisions.
  • - Private Access to Greg via group and/or one on one Q&A.


“I am writting from Portugal and I must congratulate you, not only for the excellent analysis you do, but also for sharing them with those that know less, but are eager to learn. Thank you so much." - Paulo

"Greg, I am a daily reader of roughly 80+ blog sites and I recently came across your website. I must say, that in the 2 or so days I've spent reading your blog, it is by far one of the top 3 I read. Keep up the fantastic work. I run a small investment partnership based out of Miami. Thanks for the great trading ideas." - Babak

“I just wanted to drop you a note expressing my deepest appreciation for your work. I've been following your blog and following you on stocktwits for a few months now. I'm really getting a lot out of your charts and your approach. I've primarily been trading forex for the past couple of years, but since this bull run on stocks since late summer I've been watching and learning the stock market. The principles of price action and TA are the same, so I'm catching on fairly well. This latest post of yours on TLT and TBT was perfect timing. I have been watching for a trend reversal and getting ready for a good setup on TBT (in my IRA account, so no shorts for TLT). Once again, thank you for the great blog and your kindness in posting such great stuff so consistently. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and all the best to you for next year. With Respect and Best Wishes." - Trailstop

More Details of Service

There is always a trade set up out there if you know how to find it. Combining my 25 years of experience in both up and down markets with the expertise honed as a CMT, I search out the best trade ideas and then apply the right tools and strategies to take advantage of them, whether it is a flat, choppy or trending market. Each week will start with an expert Macro Market Analysis to refresh perspective and then several trade ideas to begin the week. These will be revised and new set ups added throughout the week. I am dedicated to providing you with the best set ups and strategies within the current market context to help make you money. I hope you will join me in trading the markets from a technical perspective.

Sincerely, Gregory W. Harmon, CMT, CFA