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      Aaron Hoisington
      I've been trading for 25 years. I mostly am a longer term holder of growth stocks. Currently holding SCTY/TSLA
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      Warrior Trading
      Warrior Trading is a community of professional traders working together to generate ideas, post breaking news, and educate beginner traders. I run a live audio/screenshare feed into my office so anyone that wants to watch me trading can stop by
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      The year is 2025, Home Depot completes 40th DC, Nike completed 20, and Walmart 100% $PLUG
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      Robert Lesnicki
      Have contributed to @seeitmarket. Stock / options trader with 12+ years experience in the financial markets. Nothing I post should be taken as investment advice. Use the charting platform I use
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      Daniel Ward
      Analyst with experience as prop trader on the Street as well as working in asset management. CFA candidate and Seeking Alpha writer. Specializing in value biotech and write Biotech Weekly. Personal opinions, not investment advice.
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      daniel scott
      Long Term Position trader. I have been investing in market since 81. I`ve seen all kinds of markets and profited from them! My motto "BUY`em when Nobody Wants`em!!..Always willing to help new traders learn to play the game. ..
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      "Tenacity, Sagacity and Uncompromising Sincerity"............................ Our Creator also gave us the capacity to Reason and Observe. Adapt and Endure, Forgive and move on.
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      Michael Murphy
      Founder Rosecliff Capital, LP
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      Ben Koeppel
      University of Miami Class of 2016 Economics + Mathematics
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      Guy Adami Official Account
      optionMONSTER & tradeMONSTER
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      Joshua Brown Official Account
      This is the personal StockTwits account of Joshua Brown, it is not in any way connected to his vocation or professional designation.
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      Ari Gold
      A large cap trader with a strong "penchant" for Biotech and consumer products: i.e. GILD, GMCR, AAPL, PCYC. Still a dinosaur who believes in BUY & HOLD. Buying stocks & no options!
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      Sean Senatore
      I've been an options trader for 4 years now with 2 accounts. Still learning every day. Options are an excellent way to earn extra residual income outside of your job. Also CEO of GreenRush Media LLC, investing heavy into the cannabis industry.
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      Trading equities and options on the basis of finding fundamentally undervalued/overvalued companies that have a technical setup and using options to capitalize on the short term swing trades. Vertical spreads, Iron Condors and Diagonals
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      Paul P
      Self taught trader started, 10yrs ago with $5k and a dream, retired two yrs ago at 43. Now a stay at home dad of two boys under 8 and loving life! Love living debt free. Always Pay cash for toys. Crohn disease since 1995.
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      Edgar A.
      I trade, teach, and transform lives.
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      Early bird gets the worm. Practice patience people. I'm slowly selling out of the market for CASH. Next Crash, I'll be making HUGE dollars. Please 'Thank' a veteran by paying tax! I follow TEMPTING stocks. Watching'm
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      Mike Zack
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      Fitzstock Charts Premium Service, (FCPS). Fitzstock Charts, LLC Stocks, Options and Futures Trader 19+years